About Us


You are welcome to our website. We are a family Maine Coon Cattery close to Madrid, Spain.

We love Maine Coons since forever because they are very big (we really love big cats) and because they have a wild look, but in 2011 is when our adventure starts. Our first couple of Coons was Berkano Midnight Poison and Los Petolians Gilda. They both were blue coons because we love this colour. Step by step we introduce new colours to our breeding program looking, not only the colour, but the whole cat and trying to get well balanced Maine Coons.

We select our cats carefully and for us is very important the temper because we have children who live with them. For this reason, we try to socialize very well our litters and we let that our children play with the cats to get well-adapted kittens when they leave our home.

On these pages, you will know a little bit more from our cat-family.

We are a registered breeder affiliated to ASFE (FIFE) with member number 1077.

Our affix is Gato Sin Botas*ES (2328).


We hope you like our cats!